Monday, 15 September 2008

double standards

A selection from today's news:

Driver jailed for killing couple (BBC News, Monday, 15 September 2008)

RAF Iraq base deaths 'unlawful' (BBC News, Monday, 15 September 2008)

A driver is jailed for two years and four months over a split-second lapse in concentration.

Blair, Brown and several others who conspired to start a disastrous war that has cost the lives of 176 British soldiers, and many, many more innocent Iraqis, may never face justice.

Bus driver stalker spared prison (BBC News, Monday, 15 September 2008)

Minister 'set to quit' over Brown (BBC News, Monday, 15 September 2008)

The BBC has no qualms about publishing names and intimate details concerning a case of obsessive love, including the name of the victim. (No photo today, but one can be sure they tried to obtain one.)

The BBC allows a minister who is playing political games in the Labour government to remain unnamed.

The British police, who are so eager to pursue all who step out of line whether they actually break the law or not, demonstrate their own incompetence:

Police admit to lost data blunder (BBC News, Monday, 15 September 2008)

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