Monday, 29 September 2008


The BBC is not yet as bad as CNN. Just checking:

Tomkat protests (CNN, September 22, 2008)

Brooke Whatever:
Anti-Scientology protesters chanted "Scientology kills" [...]

April Somethingorother:
I mean, considering that these people are protesting with masks and their name is Anonymous, Tom and Katie are probably thinking: "Come up with a real name!"

Brooke Whatever:

The protesters want to remain anonymous and wear masks because Scientology pursues its critics, short of employing polonium-210. Try explaining to cunts from CNN Showbiz that some people go out of their way to make the world a better place, and that this does not include reporting on which celebrity accidentally exposed how many nipples during which award ceremony.

In a next post, I may write about Larry King, also known as the King of Paranormal, giving free publicity to 'psychics' and other scum. But then again, I may find I don't have the stomach for watching more of this rubbish.

Addendum (2008-09-30):

As some are apparently offended by my mentioning Scientology, here is something to make it up:

Being Tom Cruise : How Scientology is in No Way Mental


Anonymous said...

Wow, so you hate Scientology, and then you hate CNN because they don't say what you want them to about Scientology. And then you hate on Larry King for good measure, and then you call all psychics "scum". You sound like an extremely unhappy person! (Unless it makes you happy to hate stuff all the time.)

You could probably benefit from some Scientology auditing and courses on personal happiness and responsibility.

Jimbo said...

The blogosphere is a fascinating yet disheartening place. Write about issues that matter, newspapers spreading falsehoods and propaganda in place of information, governments abusing their power, censorship, humanity trying to rid itself of primitive superstitions, and few people are interested.

But write one post mentioning Scientology as a side issue and the wackos come crawling out of the woodwork.