Sunday, 25 May 2008

Church to debate convert motion

Church to debate convert motion (BBC News, Sunday, 25 May 2008)
BBC News religious affairs correspondent Robert Pigott says Mr Eddy's stance is likely to alienate many Muslims at a highly-sensitive time in the relationship between Islam and Christianity in the UK.

This says more about Robert Pigott than about the reality of Britain today. A religion is a delusion that sees itself as superior to similar delusions. This certainly holds for the three main Abrahamic religions. The supposition that Islam is somehow more open-minded is refuted by its pronounced belief that Christianity and Judaism are at best corruptions of the pure message of Islam.

As antitheist, I would like to see people convert to reason rather than to fiction. To argue against conversion of Muslims to Christianity because this might insult some other Muslims is preposterous however. In the current climate, anything is seen as an insult, even refusal to convert to Islam.

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