Sunday, 11 May 2008

Cannabis laws to be strengthened

Cannabis laws to be strengthened (BBC News, Wednesday, 7 May 2008)
protect the public

Right, spending up to 5 years in jail is much healtier than smoking a few joints.

Reclassifying cannabis as class B drug will not change the penalties for dealing, only for possession, i.e. for using. Users are not normally caught, except for a few unlucky sods, for example, whose 'friends' send videotapes to the police. After being branded as criminals, their lives will subsequently be ruined, whereas before they might have been decent people with an occasional craving for a high.

And Gordon Brown said at prime minister's questions that he believed making cannabis a class B drug was supported by the public and the police.

The war on Iraq was not supported by the public.

What would be supported by the public is if Gordon Brown and his ilk would sod off, as confirmed by the recent local elections.

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