Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Searches follow Muslim festival

Searches follow Muslim festival (BBC News, Tuesday, 22 April 2008)

The BBC is not known for its accurate reporting, especially where delicate issues are involved.
The posters, displayed during the annual "March for Mohammed" in Burton upon Trent on 23 March, apparently contained anti-US remarks, police said.

What on earth does that mean, "anti-US remarks"? If it is "Kill all Americans!", I might understand why houses were searched. If it is "I met this American the other day and I didn't like his shoes!", then it becomes a completely different story.

In the police state we live in, search warrants are issued for about any silly reason, such as taking pictures in a public place in a 'suspicious' way, or not having a TV license (irrespective of whether one has a TV). The sanctity of the home is at best an imaginary concept in British law. If houses in Burton upon Trent were raided because someone hinted at the irrefutable fact that George W. Bush is a dangerous lunatic, then I want to know so that I can flee the country before they come after me too.

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