Friday, 15 February 2008

Newspapers Republish Muhammad Cartoons

Newspapers Republish Muhammad Cartoons (Spiegel Online, February 13, 2008)

After the discovery of a plot to murder a Danish cartoonist, Danish newspapers have collectively decided to republish the Muhammad cartoons, as an unambiguous gesture to support freedom of speech, and to express solidarity with the threatened cartoonists.

A Muslim politician in Denmark said:

"The crisis didn't hurt integration, it opened doors for us -- and in Denmark things have improved quite a bit in the meantime."

We could learn something from this.

British newspapers have not published the cartoons. Out of respect for minorities you say? Open an arbitrary newspaper. How much respect for minorities do you see? I've long since come to understand that the British media act out of pure self-interest.

Perhaps we don't really care about freedom of speech in that crappy little country at the Baltic Sea with a GDP that is a fraction of ours. Besides, according to our benevolent leaders, freedom of speech is overrated anyway.

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