Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Child, 12, guilty of raping boy

Child, 12, guilty of raping boy (BBC News, Wednesday, 20 February 2008)

"A jury at Bradford Crown Court heard a boy aged five was forced to perform a sex act on the older boy, in return for being allowed to play on a trampoline."

Hang on, "forced [...] in return for"? That sounds odd. Another article (from Telegraph & Argus) covering the same case has:

"The boys told the court they had to perform sex acts to be allowed to bounce on a trampoline."

Should the "boy aged five" not be charged with prostitution then?

Unless there is something the news articles do not tell us, this whole story is absurd. It sounds to me the convicted "rapist" is a bully and in need of a good spanking from his parents, but inflicting the trauma caused by a criminal trial on him and on the victims seems unduly cruel. What the BBC article does not mention is that the judge was in fact sitting without formal wig, the counsels were in plain suits, etc., in order not to intimidate the defendant. But a 12-year old kid...!

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