Wednesday, 27 May 2009

weapon of mass destruction

Man shot dead by police in siege (BBC News, Tuesday, 12 May 2009)

In an heroic action, police thwarted an attack that could have ended civilisation as we know it by killing millions (eventually).

Two uniformed officers responding to 999 calls went to Cheapside, Shildon, where they saw a man with what they thought was a crossbow.

Clearly a dangerous terrorist.

Supt Graham Hall, from Durham Police, said the officers involved in the shooting were receiving support.

It was further reported that one of the officers sustained serious blood stains on his left sleeve while verifying that the terrorist had been successfully eliminated. It took two washings with different detergents to remove the stains. The laundry bill has been sent to the family of the deceased.

This incident happened some time ago, and there have been no new reports. But under the surface, anger among the public is gathering momentum, about the police yet again taking their monopoly on violence as a licence to kill, and there will be mass demonstrations. Soon. Perhaps. Maybe not. Ah, forget it!

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