Tuesday, 17 June 2008

PM hits back over civil liberties

PM hits back over civil liberties (BBC News, Tuesday, 17 June 2008)

Our PM is seriously off his rocker. It is instructive to play the video and hear the doublespeak drivel first-hand.

and the increasing complexity of plots

In other words, it's too complex for us common folk to understand.

networks spanning the globe

It is widely known that al-Qaida operates in networks that are much more decentralised than a few years ago, and it is the absence rather that the presence of global networks that makes regional terror cells so difficult to unravel before they strike. Brown has it backwards here.

people do appreciate the complexity of the issue

Yes, keep stressing "complexity". We are so stupid are we?

changing world

The inalienable human rights we thought we were entitled to belonged to another world, before it changed. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.

longer pre-detention charge

The fool means "pre-charge detention". Perhaps he originally meant to reduce the detention limit to 24 days, but got that backwards as well.

something which would in the end harm all of our civil liberties

I think Gordon Brown means to say that a successful terrorist attack would harm our civil liberties. So, we should thank him for protecting our civil liberties. I'm glad we have cleared that up.

civil liberties of a person detained

Any detention of an innocent person by definition violates his civil liberties. No "oversight by the judiciary, parliamentary scrutiny, independent review, [...]" can change that. If someone is clearly guilty, let him be charged. Everything else violates fundamental human rights.

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