Sunday, 2 March 2008

Monarchist propaganda journalism

Prince Harry rejects 'hero' label (BBC News, Sunday, 2 March 2008)

What grovelling dumbfuck journalist brought up the word 'hero' anyway, and did this have any other purpose than to allow the prince to demonstrate to the British people just how modest he is? Ugh!


radical royalist said...

What do you want? Prince Harry refused to called a hero. No need for you to get upset.
If his deployment in Afghanistan was "Monarchist propaganda", then I am waiting for a similar republican move. Why don't serve George Bush's daughters in the wars he started?

Jimbo said...

To Radical royalist:

Thank you for reading my blog.

To reply to your comment: My issue is the way the BBC covered this story. I was not concerned with where Prince Harry is deployed and why.

Your observations about Bush's daughters seem valid though.