Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Aboriginal archive offers new DRM

Aboriginal archive offers new DRM (BBC News, Tuesday, 29 January 2008)

In the past I have observed that the BBC is reluctant to mention DRM and its consequences in news articles. I've conjectured that this is because they don't want to make people scared of the technology. In particular, they want viewers to adopt iPlayer, in which the BBC has invested (i.e. wasted) an outrageous amount of money, and iPlayer incorporates DRM.

I've sometimes wondered whether I wasn't overly paranoid. The above-mentioned article takes away my doubts. There is something fishy going on. What the article talks about is not DRM at all. It is a form of personalisation, but this is obscured by multiculti technobabble.

DRM was invented to make consumers suffer. The only way one can say something positive about it is by giving the name to something else, and then talking about that. We see this cheap trick demonstrated here.

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